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In the province of San Pedro de Macorís, on the way towards the sunny beaches of the south-east part of the Dominican Republic, MELYSOL is located in an area of more than 300 hectares of land, among numerous fields of sugar cane.
Founded in 1994 by Andre Guigal, MELYSOL started its first season with 50 hectares of land.
In 20 years the company has expanded its production to over 150 hectares of land per season. This permits MELYSOL to guarantee an all year long production with land rotation, in order to consistently satisfy its numerous clients’ requests, all around the world, from Europe to Japan and North America.

Why Dominican Republic?

The settlement of MELYSOL in the Dominican Republic, more particularly in San Pedro de Macorís zone is due to its well balanced soil, between clay and lime, permitting the cultivation of a very high quality melon.

The very moderate climate in the Dominican Republic between 15ºC and 28ºC in winter and 22ºC to 32ºC in summer permits a yearly cultivation with a pleasant climate due to the trade winds.

Furthermore, the thermic amplitude day/night, being superior to other countries of the Caribbean, permits MELYSOL to have smaller, stronger and sweeter melons.

Since November 2005, MELYSOL is classified SPECIAL FREE ZONE, in order to export easier its production.


MELYSOL is certified GLOBALG.A.P since November 2, 2006 (ex EUREPG.A.P), GGN number 4049929290594. Within this frame, the traceability of the melon is guaranteed with a lot of strictness: number of the parcel, date of harvest, packaging day, each box of melon has its identification.

All the used inputs are written in a registry, sent to our importers with the daily export, together with all the necessary legal import documents.

Ground and water analyses are carried out regularly.
Over the years the laboratories in United States, France and Italy confirms that MELYSOL is respecting the standards, both for residues level and for used phytosanitary products.

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